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Introducing Fun Family Math Pizza

As a teacher, I have always been interested in using games to teach my students across all subject areas.

I was particularly interested in creating games in math.

My students found many multiplication games boring as they just focused on the answer.

I wanted to bring to my students and future students a fact game that focused on PROCESS, not just product.

That is why I created It’s a PIZZA® for the family, for the classroom, and for anyone! BE the first person to put together the facts to complete the pizza, and WIN!

About Roberta's Games

We Make Learning Fun

When I asked my students what they would like to see when they play a game, this is what they said:

  • action
  • easy-to-read directions
  • fun
  • colorful
  • be able to talk when playing a game.

Since knowing your multiplication facts was such an integral part of math, I created It’s a PIZZA® with these elements in mind.

This game was not going to use timesheets, drills, workbook pages, but It’s a PIZZA® was going to light up their THINKING!

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Years Experience

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Happy Customers

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A game for EVERYONE!
For AGES 8 and up!

It’s a PIZZA®


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My vision is to put in every kid's hands,
It’s a PIZZA®

I would LOVE for all kids who play my game to have fun with their facts and enjoy others while playing this game. For parents,

I would LOVE for them to see the great value in THINKING. For teachers,

I would LOVE for teachers to use It’s a PIZZA® in their classrooms as a tool for improving the THINKING of their students in knowing their multiplication facts.

Why Choose Us

I have years of experience With Teaching Children

I have been a teacher for 29+ years, so I know what it takes to help children learn, and have fun while doing it!


Positive Feedback From Our Clients

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    Mona Casey

    I love it! What a great alternative to flashcards!

      Julie Taylor

      This game makes my grandkids THINK!

        Vicki Boand

        It's a game for all ages! Colorful and fun!

          Jodie Lee

          I liked the fact that it is simple AND fun. Games that require alot of set-up and complex rules just don't get played much.

            Sarah Crosby

            I can teach the kids each multiplication fact family and add another fact family as I go!

              Robert Smith

              This is the BEST multiplication game for kids! My kids wanted to play it again and again!

                Melissa Russell

                It’s a PIZZA® is a great game for kids who know and don't know their multiplication facts! This game made them THINK!

                  Kitty Kogos

                  This game is a great way for kids to do math while reinforcing their math skills.

                    Katherine Talley

                    I loved the game, It's a PIZZA! It is easy to understand and well-organized! I am sure this game is also GREAT for the classroom.

                    Come & See Our Game

                    You can get a discount!

                    When you buy 10 or more It’s a PIZZA® games, then you get a 10% discount off the total.