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Our History

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Games that Teach

As a teacher, I used games to teach my students across all subject areas. I created some language games, CRAZY SENSE 1 and CRAZY SENSE 11 which are thought-provoking language games, ANZ UP 25, a stimulating math game, and STRETCH, a hilarious brain game for kids of all ages!

I wanted to come up with more math games to help kids have a fun way to learn their facts. I did not want to use drill sheets, timed tests, or flashcards for learning facts. Kids had learned to accept these ways to know their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

After researching what made a good game for kids like a game that was colorful, the directions were easy-to-read, there was some action involved, interesting words/pictures, and levels.

Then I asked several students across grade levels what they liked in a game. They liked lots of colors, being able to talk, easy directions and simple set-up, and a challenging game, and most of all FUN!

I put these ideas together to create It’s a PIZZA® which I have child-tested over several years with kids and parents.