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Our Vision

its a pizza math pizza board game for kids
pizza game its a pizza multiplication game for kids

How many ways do you see you make to the product of 24?

How We Began

So many games in multiplication had been so boring and only focused on the answer.

I wanted to bring to my students and to future students, a game in multiplication that focused on the process of thinking, not just on product.

I asked my students what do they like to see when they play a game. What better way to know than to ask the kids, right? They said they liked action, easy directions, fun, for the game to be colorful, and thought it was important to be able to talk when you are playing a game.

I thought further and asked myself what is it that most kids like to eat?

Pizza came to mind.

And what math is so important for kids to know?


That is where I started and put It’s a PIZZA!® together. I tested this game on second, third, and fourth graders numerous times throughout the year.

It’s a PIZZA® was a HUGE SUCCESS so I had my game printed. It’s a PIZZA® continues to warm the hearts of kids, parents, and grandparents.