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    Mona Casey

    I love it! What a great alternative to flashcards!

      Julie Taylor

      This game makes my grandkids THINK!

        Vicki Boand

        It's a game for all ages! Colorful and fun!

          Jodie Lee

          I liked the fact that it is simple AND fun. Games that require alot of set-up and complex rules just don't get played much.

            Sarah Crosby

            I can teach the kids each multiplication fact family and add another fact family as I go!

              Robert Smith

              This is the BEST multiplication game for kids! My kids wanted to play it again and again!

                Melissa Russell

                It’s a PIZZA® is a great game for kids who know and don't know their multiplication facts! This game made them THINK!

                  Kitty Kogos

                  This game is a great way for kids to do math while reinforcing their math skills.

                    Katherine Talley

                    I loved the game, It's a PIZZA! It is easy to understand and well-organized! I am sure this game is also GREAT for the classroom.